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“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people." - Prince

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A woman's brain shrinks during pregnancy (no wonder I couldn't find my keys.....EVER!)

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To avoid taking down my Christmas lights, I’m turning my house into an Italian restaurant.

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Comic of the Week

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sous Chef!

Topher has decided that he likes to cook too. When we took one of our jaunts to the dollar store, he found this apron and this wisk. He liked them because they were both blue. He is making noodles here, one of his favorites. Now we have two budding chefs in the family!


Lisa said...

He is the cutest chef! Miss you guys! Can't wait for the dunes!

Jaylene said...

I think we're in! (Yippie!)

Jenni said...

he looks so darn cute. i wish all men loved to cook!! way to go toph

Andrea said...

What a cutie! I wish someone would take over the cooking for me :)